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Privacy, Security and Your Personal Data

Your privacy and security are paramount to us. We are committed to complete openness in keeping our customers and prospective clients informed about privacy, security, and the way personal data is used. This page tells you what we do and how we maintain GDPR compliance, your privacy and your security.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy, your personal information, and it's security, very seriously. We have created our privacy policy to demonstrate our firm commitment to your security. It tells you what data we hold and how we use it. Read our full Privacy Policy document

Business Invoices

This applies only to Business Customers. Generally, invoices are sent at the same time as the goods are dispatched. Sometimes, a business may request, at a later date, a duplicate invoice from us. Where we believe the request is genuinely from within the same business and the goods were purchased on behalf of that same business then we may send a duplicate invoice, upon request, to that same business. An example of this would be when the Accounts Department of a company requests a duplicate invoice for goods that were purchased by an individual within that company and on behalf of that company.

Data Encryption on the Internet

This website uses the latest encryption techniques when sending data to you and receiving data from you to ensure that your personal data and privacy is secured to industry standards or better.

UK Based Website

We are based in the UK and this website is served from a UK located internet server. All communication between our systems and the internet server is transmitted and processed wholly within the UK.


To keep your card data safe and secure, we are PCI DSS Certified.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is the information security standard for handling credit and debit cards from the major card schemes and requires regular re-certification.


We use the term 'cookie' to mean the small files that websites place on your computer which contain small snippets of data, and similar technologies such as tags and pixels. They provide an important role in enhancing your experience and safety.

Most websites you interact with couldn't work without using cookies. For example, when you visit this website and put items in your shopping cart, details like the item number, price, and quantity will be stored in a cookie and used when you go to the check out. These are known as "essential cookies" as without them you would not be able to shop online. Third-party cookies are used on our websites to better understand how our websites are used and make improvements to our websites and advertising.

By continuing to use this website you grant your consent to the use of cookies and to the collection, sharing, and use of personal data for personalisation of ads.

Why We Use Cookies

We use cookies to...

...understand which parts of our website are working well and help us to improve your experience.

...deliver relevant online content to you on our website and elsewhere. These cookies are placed by us and our content partners to enable adverts to be presented on our and third-party websites.

...understand and measure how relevant and effective our online advertising and marketing is.

...understand how you and other people use our websites.

...improve your experience on our websites.

...remember which items are in your shopping basket, and to provide useful tools such as the recently viewed products list.

Blocking Cookies

There are several types of cookies, and you can block some or all of them. Please visit to learn how. Please note that if you block cookies you may not be able to visit some parts of our website and may not be able to add things to your shopping basket.

Data Collection and Sharing

When you place an order for products or services you share with us personal information like your name and address, your marketing preferences, information required to make decisions regarding additional services such as opening a trade account, your login details for our services and certain technical information such as your computerís IP address.

We use your personal information to provide and enhance our services to you, and to provide the goods or services you require.

We may share limited information including your name and address, order value dimensions and weight to our delivery partners for the purpose of delivering your order and insuring its value against loss or damage in transit. We may also share your email address and telephone number with our carriers so that they can email or text delivery notification and information to you.

We may use your information if we need to contact you regarding your order or itís delivery and we may use a third-party to confirm certain details. For example, we may check with Royal Mail that the address and postcode you gave is complete and correct; this is usually done to check typing mistakes or where part of the address appears to be is missing.

We may share limited personal information with our suppliers, repairers, or servicing agents, solely for the purposes of providing repairs, servicing, and guarantee resolution. For example, our supplier might to send a product or replacement directly to you.

We may, in limited circumstances, share your information with police bodies if we are required to do so by law or where are asked by public or regulatory bodies.

We may also share your information in order to exercise or protect our legal rights, users, systems and services or the rights of others.

We WILL NOT contact you by telephone for marketing purposes.

We are continually reviewing and revising our security measures to protect your personal information and our systems. We have in place various controls and restrictions, including: Restricting and limiting user access to our systems, Technology solutions such as firewalls and system monitoring, Data encryption to or in excess of industry standards, Limiting physical access to our buildings and systems and Restricting access to information with a 'need to know' policy.

Third-party cookies are used on our websites for advertising and metrics as described above, and are provided by our service partners.

Our websites use share, like and follow buttons for third-party services such as Facebook and Twitter. We do not have any control over how third-party services manage your data, so we strongly suggest you review their policies before using share, like or follow buttons. Share, like and follow buttons on our website are managed by our service partner.

Legal Basis

When processing data, we do so on the following legal bases:

Contract - When you place an order for goods on the internet you are entering into a contract with us to supply those goods. To fulfil that contract we may need to pass on certain personal information such as your name and address to our carriers so that they may know where to deliver those goods to.

Legal Requirement - Businesses in the UK have a legal duty to keep records of financial transaction for six years after the end of the current tax year.

Legitimate Interest - We have a legitimate interest in keeping records for financial and taxation purposes, and for maintaining marketing data.

Consent - We have a legal duty to maintain records of your consent or refusal of marketing communications. For example, if you unsubscribe from an email list, we need to know not to send you those emails in future.

Your Financial Information

If you pay online by credit or debit card or your PayPal account the transaction is processed by Global Payments* or by PayPal. In certain circumstances we have limited access to information such as the type of card you used and part of your card number, but never the complete number. We do not have access to the CCV number (the number on the back of the card) or any information that could be used to process additional transactions.

* Global Paymtens are HSBC's preferred supplier for card processing in the UK.

External Links

Where this site contains links to other sites, we are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such web sites.

Emails, Mailing Lists, SMS texts and Telephone Calls

Marketing communications
We believe that marketing communications are best sent to people who actually want to receive them. We will not add you to our mailing list unless you actually tick the box to join it, and we will remove you from them when you request to be removed. All our marketing communications contain a link to unsubscribe.

We will NOT contact you by phone or SMS Text messages for marketing purposes.

Order processing communications
We will send you emails to do with your current ongoing orders. For example we will send you emails when you place an order, when we dispatch your order and, if applicable, an invitation to write a review. We may also send you emails or contact you in other ways if we have a query or an update about your current or ongoing order or delivery. We may send you an email if you complete the checkout but not the payment; this is purely a courtesy reminder.

Delivery Partners
Our delivery partners (e.g. Royal Mail, UPS, etc.) may also send you a notification by email or SMS text to let you know when your order will be delivered, or updates about your current delivery. They may in certain limited circumstances contact you by these or other means (e.g. post) if there is a problem delivering your order or if it is reported damaged, short, or lost in transit.

Data Quality and Access

If you wish to know all the data held by us on yourself please write to us, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope, to the address shown on our terms and conditions page. For security purposes we may contact you to verify your identity before releasing any personal data.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions about this statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this us, or if you wish to correct any information we may hold, you should contact us by using this link: Send us an email

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