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Plastic Stands

Adjustable Acrylic Twist & Slide Stands

Adjustable Acrylic Twist & Slide Stands

Available in 3 sizes for items 5 - 12cm (2 - 9 in)

Use for plates, bowls, CD/DVD cases, smartphone, iPods, tablets...

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Adjustable Acrylic Twist & Slide Stands

A truly versatile stand in clear plastic, suitable for plates and bowls of various depths and allows them to lean back at a range of angles.

Disclaimer: Due to the wide range of factors involved (size, shape, profile, weight, material, construction, age, environment, etc.) we cannot offer advice on the suitability of any stand or hanger with complete accuracy. Any suggestions and size guides, given or implied, are merely a guide to which stands or hangers you might like to consider. It is the userís responsibility to determine suitability.

Dimensions are approximate. Plates, bowls, dishes, etc. are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not included with the stands.

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